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Coal City

cover art for Blue Smoke Spirals from the Chimney by Joe Mulligan

Blue Smoke Spirals From The Chimney

Joe Mulligan. 2011.

ISBN: 978-0-9795844-4-2. 6 x 9. $10.

Joe Mulligan’s poetry is always moving inward, and the strength of these remarkable poems is that we trust each journey that the poet takes us on. Nothing rings false in these poems, they hold the quiet uneasy truth that is lodged in the everyday that we all move through.   ~ Beau Beausoleil, author of Concealed in Language

A pale blue collection of poems, all with the simplicity and intensity of the poet Shi Wu:
Ink, rice paper, a brush.
He survived on bamboo shoots
in the mountains of Zejiang Province
seven hundred years ago.
Though he suffered in winter,
the poems are in love.
Join the poet and his ghostly companions: much will be revealed.